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Some of the Starlight Educaltural Institute's publications are currently available free of charge to the general public.  At this time, these publications are divided into 4 categories


(1)  S.E.I 's " Say it Loud !" newsletter, a 2-pager journal showcasing practical knowledge and life tips as well as words of wisdom that can help members, and the public, acheive a better lifestyle as part of a Global Village Mindset


(2)  S.E.I  Chairman's presentations, given free of charge to Wuhan citizens and visitors, that cover an eclectic variety of subjects.  The list covers lectures given in cooperation with Hubei Provincial Library, from 2005 to the present, as well as lectures presented in other venues, all as part of our leader's volunteer initiatives to help Chinese and foreigners achieve a better understanding of each other;


(3)  S.E.I 's team is constantly Reading, Ruminating, wRitting and Reporting on relevant information that can help our membership.  Check out our recent declassified reports now available to the public, free of charge;


(4)  S.E.I 's team recently populated its YouTube Channel with video versions of its presentations.  Currently we have uploaded copies of the 2016-2018 Balanced Lifestyle Lecture Series.  Previous Hubei Library lectures, covering the period of 2005 to 2015, will be uploaded as time permits, so do revisit the Channel.  On visiting please remember to subcribe to make sure you are advised in a timely manner as we add more and more valuable, and practical content



S.E.I  is in the process of compiling and reviewing its inventory of research topics.  Please revisit this page at a later date for an update on our progress and available reports.


We've recently compiled a "list of resources" relating to Wealth Management and Personal Finance as part of our Hubei Provincial Library lecture series cooperation that is now in its 12th season.


   If you are lookig for information or tips on the internet and need help in finding those sites that can truly help you, then do take a look at our LinksTo pages that hold some 30 years worth of links, most still valid.  And please do let us know if a link no longer exists or has changed.  Also, should you come across a site that you consider usefull and that could be usefull to other Global Village Citizens, then do let us know.


On a related note, if you have seen a report or article that you believe would be of interest to S.E.I,  then please do advise us... we will credit you as described on our Supporters page.  Thank you in advance for your pro-activity.


Please note that S.E.I 's library of documentation is based in part on publications and reviews originally compiled by Starlight INFOWORKS inc. of Canada as part of its research activities for grp.Starlight.  Many of these were then included in the Group's Knowledge Library, which will soon be added to S.E.I 's own library and publications compilation.  For now you may wish to review it directly.


As well, information... and knowledge, is available on our News, JS' Blog, Chairman's Commentary and Initiatives (Repots column) pages.  Welcome to read... at your convenience.





Say  it  Loud !





The Starlight Educaltural Institute is pleased to present its "Say it Loud !" newsletter, the Winter 2016 Issue, which is now available to the general public (see below).  To receive a free copy of our next newsletters as soon as they are finalized, simply register at publications@educaltural.institute to receive your personal copy directly.


If you have not seen the previous issues already, simply click below on the issue of interest to view a PDF copy.




Say it Loud !
Summer 2017 Newsletter

SOON... 2017


Say it Loud

Winter 2016 Newsletter



Say it Loud !
Summer 2016 Newsletter

"Energy & Money"

Say it Loud !
Winter 2015 Newsletter

"Wisdom & Unity"


Say it Loud !
Summer 2015 Newsletter

"Education & Study Abroad"




Say it Loud !  ...the Winter 2016 issue:






Chairman's Presentations

Business  &  Volunteer  &  Hubei Library




Some of our presentations are only in Flash format.

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Business Presentations
S.E.I  Introduction
  S.E.I  Homestay
G4Habitat ...soon
CareGivers ...soon




Volunteer Presentations
S.I.  Speaking Skills
January 2012
  S.I.   Better English Cheaply
March 2010
S.I.  Teaching English
July 2009
  S.I.  MBA Interview
March 2008
S.I.  Let's Discuss
March 2008
  S.I.  Tourism
June 2005

Hubei Library
Lecture Series




now on



19.03.16 - Balanced Lifestyle (BL) -

 SelfwỖrth VS Netw$rth

 (swf) (mobile)

19.04.20 - BL - Introvert VS Extrovert

(swf) (mobile)

19.05.18 - BL - Life Quotes

(swf) (mobile

19.06.15 - BL - Money Matters

(swf) (mobile)

19.07.20 - BL - Study in Canada

(swf) (mobile

19.08.17 - BL - Movie Quotes

(swf) (mobile



18.03.17 - Balanced Lifestyle (BL) -

Laughter   (swf) (mobile)

18.04.21 - BL - Happiness

(swf) (mobile)

18.05.19 - BL - Never Too Old

(swf) (mobile

18.06.09 - BL - Childish

(swf) (mobile) (videos test)

18.07.21 - BL - Inspiration

(swf) (mobile

18.08.18 - BL - Intelligence

(swf) (mobile

18.09.15 - BL - Find the Phrase

(swf) (mobile

18.10.20 - BL - Valourization

(swf) (mobile

18.11.17 - BL - Home Sweet Home

(swf) (mobile

18.12.15 - BL - Second Home

(swf) (mobile



 17.03.18 - Balanced Lifestyle (BL)

Motivationals   (swf) (mobile)

videos: v.1, v.2, v.3 ;  music: m1, m2, m3, m4, m5, m6 , m7

17.04.22 - BL - Wealth

(swf) (mobile)

17.05.20 - Gaming  (special talk

aboutcomputer gaming hosted by C.A. Hill, President, SEI)

17.06.17 - BL - Student Finance

(swf) (mobile)

17.07.15 - BL - Healthy Mind

(swf) (mobile)

17.08.19 - BL - Guided Play

(swf) (mobile)

17.09.16 - BL - Purpose

(swf) (mobile)

music: m1, m2 ;  pdf: p.1, p.2

17.10.21 - BL - Professional Health

(swf) (mobile) (video)

17.11.18 - BL - GVM

(swf) (mobile) (video)

 website page

17.12.16 - BL - Edutainment

(swf) (mobile

16.03.19 - Vocabulary Crosswords

16.04.16 - Balanced Lifestyle (BL)

16.05.21 - BL - Career Choices

16.06.18 - BL - Look Forward

16.07.16 - BL - Change Coming

videos: v.1, v.2, v.3

16.08.20 - BL - Inventing Inventions

videos: v.1, v.2, v.3, v.4 v.5 v.6

16.09.24 - BL - Alternative Lifestyles

videos: v.1, v.2, v.3, v.4

16.10.15 - BL - UNbalanced Lifestyle  


16.11.19 - BL - Mystery Times

(swf) (mobile)

16.12.17 - BL - Global Winter Holidays

(swf) (mobile) ; videos: v.1, v.2, v.3



15.03.21 - Italian Renaissance

15.04.19 - Canada Summers 

14.03.22 - Sochi Winter Olympics

14.04.19 - Personal Finance 

14.05.17 - Marquez 

14.06.21 - Brasil

14.07.19 - Movie Trailers

14.08.23 - TV Series Clips

14.09.20 - Movie Clips

14.11.15 - Nobel Literature & French 

14.12.20 - Interstellar PLUS



13.03.02 - Canadian Libraries

13.07.20 - Prime Time-a

13.08.17 - Prime Time-b

13.09.21 - Food Safety

13.10.19 - Literature Nobel Prize - Munroe 

13.11.16 - Online Free Education

13.12.21 - MOOC & Holiday Activities 

10.03.28 - Global Housing Crisis

10.04.24 - Glance at World Expos

10.05.29 - Reading Day

10.06.26 - Climate Change

10.07.24 - Avatar

10.08.28 - High School Musical 

10.09.24 - Effective Communication

10.10.30 - Sherlock Holmes

10.11.27 - Thanksgiving

10.12.18 - Immigration Canada



09.03.28 - Obama Inauguration

09.04.25 - Travel Destinations 

09.05.30 - Couples 

09.06.27 - Education-Western

09.07.21 - Teaching English 

09.07.25 - Transformers-2

09.08.08 - Sports

09.08.22 - Lord Ring Fellowship

09.09.26 - National Holidays

09.10.24 - Nobel Peace Prize - Obama 

09.11.29 - Global Environment

08.03.30 - China Economy 

08.04.27 - Olympics Impact China

08.05.25 - Earthquakes

08.07.27 - Roman Empire

08.08.31 - Gone with the Wind

08.09.21 - Pride Prejudice

08.10.25 - Global Financial Crisis

08.12.06 - European Society



07.01.20 - Chinese New Year 

07.03.24 - Stock Market

07.04.28 - Business English Conversation

07.05.26 - Currency Fluctuations

07.06.24 - Personal Finance 

07.07.28 - Seven Wonders 

07.08.26 - European Renaissance

07.09.23 - Greek Mythology


06.02.25 - Global Village Manners 

06.03.18 - Year of Dog

06.04.08 - My University Life

06.05.20 - Let's Speak HR

06.06.24 - Festivals & Wonders 

06.07.22 - World Cups PLUS

06.08.26 - Let's Speak Better English

06.08.26 - Olympics Impact China

06.09.23 - Health Concerns

06.10.21 - Customs & Habits 

06.11.29 - Let's Speak Good English

06.12.16 - XMas    




05.12.29 - Sights - Ottawa-Wuhan  






Business In Canada



Shield Your Estate



The Moose Club

CN-EN One-Pager

Invitation to Investors




CN-EN One-Pager



Financial Knowledge Library



Enemies of Convenience



Let's Talk Housing - G4H



Let's Talk Housing - VAX



Council of Economic Advisors



Olympics  VS  Tourism



  Food for Thought



 Global Financial Crisis ? !



  War on America



  Latimer's Injustice



  Maîtres Chanteurs Chez Nous

 French article, EXCLUSIVE



Only in Canada, eh.... Pity !



 Is Justice Really Blind ?


Revised : 2001.01.18


 Aboriginals & Oral Histories



 What Is It With Banks, eh !







ADDENDUM  &  Favour



As previously mentioned, the Starlight Educaltural Institute is a next step evolution of the "Canada Starlight Infoworks China Agency", a branch office of Starlight Infoworks (Canada) that serviced China from 2005 to 2012 from its base in Wuhan, Hubei.  As such, much of the content and documentation on this website and in S.E.I 's archives are the result of The Agency's ground-breaking research, publishings and activities, and which where in turn a continuation of Canada's Starlight Infoworks endeavours since 1988, and prior.


Since you’re all the way “down here” …

… we have a small favour to ask.


More people are reading, and benefiting from S.E.I ’s website than ever, something that we truly appreciate. However, we have associated costs in providing this content. We want to keep our content as open as we can and not have a “paywall” like more and more other informational websites. So you can see why we need to ask for your help. S.E.I ’s independent, investigative researchers and writers take a lot of precious time, money and hard work to produce their contributions. But we do it because we believe that our perspective matters… because it is also the perspective of many, like you.


If everyone who reads S.E.I ’s content, who likes and benefits from it, and helps to support it, S.E.I ’s future would be much more secure.


Thank you for your interest.  


Here’s hoping you can make a…   Donation

…or even better make an investment in exchange for S.E.I  shares, and even some from its sister Canadian company, Starlight Infoworks Inc.