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Updated: 2017-11-10


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The Starlight Educaltural Institute is pleased to announce a new initiative focused on ensuring that international students, in particular those from China, can benefit from a quality education in a caring personalized environment... in one of the best countries in the world.

S.E.I ’s and others’ research on the links between education and cultural “preferences” shows that there is a very close relationship between students and their family elders that has a direct impact on these students’ growth, whether academic, personal development or social behaviour, and on the well-being of the involved seniors.  Regrettably, developed cultures have “evolved” to the point were they “put aside” their seniors as so much “useless” cohorts. 

S.E.I ’s G4Habitat is a pilot project proposal to research this phenomenon and prove that we can rectify that situation, specifically for students living away from home, whether domestic or international in origin, as well as seniors wishing to continue contributing to society, but from a secure sharing environment that also includes luxurious amenities that they could not afford on their own.   

The G4Habitat will provide such an environment for 20 to 40 students as well as between 10 to 20 seniors.  Its services and activities will promote interaction between the 2 cohorts as well as other partnering generations.  The first G4Habitat is planned to be built in the Ottawa Region in Canada. 



Why Canada ?


Canada was ranked 1st for opportunity in the world as of 2015 by the Harvard Business School, based on access to higher education, tolerance, rights and freedoms.


Canada was ranked 6th overall as the most socially advanced country as of 2015, according to the Harvard Business School.


Canada was ranked as the 2nd best country in the world in 2016 according to USNews’ survey compiled in partnership with BAV and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania which focused on quality of life, brand awareness, entrepreneurship, citizenship and other criteria.


Canada was ranked as 2nd on the Social Progress Imperative’s 2016 Index report, with Finland ranked as first (see page 17 in the Executive Summary report).  Check out an overview in the Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail newspapers as well as in the Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian websites.


But what about 2017 ?


Canada is now ranked as 6th in the Social Progress Index, 2017.  See pages 4 and 5.  Also check out the Results page, secifically the Map.


Meaning ?


Canada IS STILL THE BEST native English speaking country.


Canada IS STILL BETTER than "popular" destinations ! 


Check it out for yourself...




G4Habitat a project in progress.  It is the culmination of long-term research into the necessary criteria to ensure that international students obtain the best educational results possible while also obtaining an in-depth understanding of the culture of the country where they are studying.


S.E.I  seeks partners to support its G4Habitat construction and operation.


For more information check out S.E.I 's G4Habitat "One-Pager" below.  


For a look at our Chairman's submission to the Canadian government's Central Mortage & Housing Corporation as part of their "Let's Talk Housing" consultation intiative, simply link to his explanation of our Phase-3 G4Habitat project and our Phase-4 Villa Alfred Xavier Seniors' Manor proposal.