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Updated: 2019-09-12


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S.E.I 's main focus is of course on research, on a broad spectrum of societal aspects, not just education and culture.  And the results of such endeavours are numerous reports and project initiatives, most directly related to our GVM concept.

However, the prerequisites for such research - academic, experience, skills or intuition - also lead to other activities and findings... findings that highlight needs above and beyond the basics for a comfortable healthy Balanced Lifestyle, as detailed in our Chairman's presentations at lectures since 2016.

Activities that have provided exceptional services to discerning clients. A list of these may be reviewed at this web page.

Findings that lead to S.E.I  being able to offer exotic services to perceptive clients.

Services such as :

  • Organization Re-engineering – to enable an organization to evolve into a successful international entity.

  • International Market Targeting – to enable local entities to discover and service the needs of foreign markets.

  • In-Depth Surveys – to ensure customer and staff centric organizational policies as well as motivational training activities.

  • International Property Acquisitions – ensuring a diversified investment portfolio that will guarantee continued corporate and estate growth.

  • Financial Management Options – provide advisories on new corporate, and personal, financial management techniques and systems.


A personalized and confidential advisory is available at your convenience upon direct contact with our Chairman.  Don't know his "story"?  Please link here.

Welcome to the brave new world, a global village where anyone can attain a Balanced Lifestyle that includes health and comfort... along with financial security.